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82 TANKSWEEPS NOW IN OPERATION as of February 2016

NES Tanksweeps serious directional power for tanks with large and very heavy sludge contents

Forget Crude Oil Washing (COWS) use Crude Oil Sweeping (COS) putting directional power to work exactly where it is needed

Since its inception nearly two decades ago, the NES TANKSWEEP has undergone many changes and additions. Today’s version represents years of experience and customer feedback which has resulted in certainly the most safe, sophisticated and best performing TANKSWEEP ever produced

Add a ST150 Oil Recovery System and get back the good oil removing the solids and water

The Recovered Oil will have 2% or less BS&W and the Sediment or solids remaining after processing will have 100ppm or less of leachable hydrocarbons

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The NESL Tank Sweep system is designed for the de-sludging of Petroleum and Chemical storage tank by the control and circulation of high velocity liquid streams through directable nozzles fitted to the tank shell via manways or other openings. Even if the level is above the manways Tanksweeps can be fitted using a cold tap to the existing manway lids or a hot tap to a D door or even the tank shell.

Manway Tanksweeps can also be permanently fitted to tanks to ensure there is never a sludge build up whilst in use.

Illustration of a 80-100m diameter tank with 4 Tanksweeps fitted

Typically 2 Tanksweeps are required for tanks up to 50m, 3 tanksweeps for tanks of 50-80m and 4 tanksweeps for tanks over 80m

Tanksweeps Pumps and Filters on site

Each Tanksweep Nozzle outputs 1472 pounds or 667 Kgs of thrust and 2274 GMP or 516 cubic meters with a Pump of 660m3/h at 10 bar

 Equipment Classification

§  Tank Sweeps                 ATEX Grp 2 Cat 2          (Zone 1)

§  Filter Units                      ATEX Grp 2 Cat 2          (Zone 1)

§  Pump Units                     Zone1 or Zone 2



Recent addition of a steam facility to heat the carrier pipe and liquid passing through it

  • Tanksweep advantages

  • No need for men to handle equipment on floating roofs

  • No need to cut holes in tank roof

  • No need for Nitrogen Purge

  • Operators can direct the nozzle to where it is needed after checking with Thermal Imaging camera see image below


 Tanksweep direct bolt on to manway version

 The Power Behind "One" Tanksweep 660m3/h at 10 bar






Tanksweeps and filter

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